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Recent Searches Made At Windows Assistance December 3, 2001
From time to time (maybe once a month) I will report on what terms visitors to this site are searching for. I should have started doing this much sooner. Like back when I first installed the Atomz search feature.

John S. krill, Windows Assistance

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3d pinball

3D Pinball is a favorite search term. I found the tips that explain the process to get Pinball working in Windows 98 if you had installed it using the Windows 95 Plus! CD. Check the July 13, 2001 and the December 12, 2000 Tips. Or you can go directly to the Microsoft support article.

corrupted icons

To change the Icon for any item right-click the item and select Properties. Now click the Change Icon button. Have fun.

display resizing

Check Windows Assistance page about appearance of Windows. Includes display resizing.

256 256mb 512

Memory modules. Generally DIMMS, Double Inline Memory Modules. You must be very careful when adding memory to your computer. Always reference your computer manual before adding memory. Memory manufactures such as Crucial allow you to input your computer make and model and they will list all memory types that you can install into your computer. Good prices too.

hard drive, drive, partition

A hard drive or disk drive is the main storage of your Windows computer. A disk drive has one partition by default. It can have more. Each partition will be represented by a drive Icon. For more information get a good book that explains the basics of computers.


A procedure for getting all the data for all files in sequential order. To defragment a disk (hard) drive or partition double-click My Computer, right-click a drive or partition Icon and select Properties. Select the Tools tab and click Defragment Now button. It is generally recommended that you Scandisk a partition before defragmenting it.


CABs (cabinet files) are Microsoft's version of packaged compressed files. See our page for the procedure for getting a file from a CAB.

shlwapi dll

If this is a Windows system DLL and it is damaged or missing then you can restore this file from the Windows CABs. For the procedure see our instructions.

eject cd

Right-click on the CD Icon and select Eject. Will open the CD-ROM even if it is empty. Unfortunately it will not close the draw.


Little files web sites leave behind on your computer. Some are good (like remembering your username at Yahoo, etc) and some are bad (used to track where you have been on the great, wide Internet.) The worst are third party cookies. These are cookies that originate at Ad sites such as Doubleclick. You can disable third party cookies in the newest version of most browsers except Internet Explorer.


Microsoft FrontPage is the program this sites uses to edit and manage Windows Assistance. The latest version is FP 2002. Windows Assistance uses FP 2000.

dial up networking

With Windows 9X this is where you setup any Internet connections. You will need to know the phone number of the Internet Service Provider (ISP), your username, and password. These days it isn't necessary to know the Gateway address of the ISP.

486 486 dx2 i486

An older version of the Intel processor. Not recommended for Windows 9X or newer 32 bit Windows. Linux will run great with this processor.

add task manager locks

A new feature of Windows XP is the ability to lock the Taskbar so that it will remain as you set it. To lock the taskbar right-click on empty space of the taskbar and select Lock Taskbar. There should now be a check mark next to Lock Taskbar. You can also lock the Toolbars of Internet Explorer 6.0.

auto complete

A feature of Internet Explorer 5.X. When it was implemented we don't know. Go to Help for Internet Explorer. Select the Index tab. Now type auto. From the list search select double-click overview


Apple calls it Firewire. No matter what it's called you can get information about IEEE 1394 at a couple of web sites. Try this one.


ATI is a graphics card manufacture. Their web site is:

david pogue

David Pogue is the person responsible for the Missing Manual computer books. Highly recommended by Windows Assistance. Until the Windows XP Missing Manual is published early in 2002 we will rely on the Windows 2000 Pro: Missing Manual.

quick view

Go to Windows Help. Select the Index tab. Type Quick View. Double-click Quick View from the search list. Read.


If this is a file extension then go to one the web sites that can give you information about file extensions.

epson 1200 patch

Best bet is to go directly to the manufacture's web site and download the latest software drivers.

modem drivers sportser 0461

For Sportsers is a US Robotics product and US Robotics is owned by 3Com. Try this page for support.


If this is about auto-dialing your ISP then go to Dialup Networking. From the menu select  Connections -> Settings. Now un-check Prompt for information before dialing. You can also un-check Show a confirmation dialog after connected though this will not speed up the connection process.

note: You will need to log on at leash once to the ISP and you will have to check the Save password box. Once you have logged on successfully the password will be saved and then the Dial-up process will start automatically.

That's it for today. More next time.


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