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Make sure you receive the latest Microsoft Security Bulletins as soon as they are available with your free subscription to the Microsoft Security Notification Service. Visit the Product Security Notification page for more information.

Meanwhile jump over to the Microsoft TechNet Security bulletin list to check on any security bulletins that may be applicable to your setup.  Other anti-virus web sites

Technical Stuff

March 20, 2002 | PC World - Extend your Windows desktop by spreading it across two monitors so you can keep multiple applications open full-screen simultaneously.

September 19, 2001 | PC 911 - Alex Byron of PC911 has posted an in-depth article "Securing Windows." As Mr. Byron states in the article: 

It is your responsibility to keep Windows safe and updated at all times to protect yourself, your privacy, your data, your computer from being compromised one way or another.

note: the article was recently updated. April 18, 2002

Windows XP Tip-of-the-Day

Where Is That KB File?

How many times have you wanted to read a KnowledgeBase document but just wasn't sure on how to find the file or document at that huge Microsoft web site? Well I'm here to tell you it's not a problem. All that is required is for you to complete the following URL with the desired KB document number.

The basic URL is All that is required from you is to replace the X's with the kb number.

For example: To read the KB article that explains the problems with the Internet Explorer (MS03-015) KB=813489. For this document the URL would be Try it. More tips

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August 9, 2002 | CNet - Microsoft on Thursday agreed to make sweeping changes to its Passport authentication system as part of a settlement agreement with the Federal Trade Commission.

Note: The NY Times requires that you register. Do it. They require very little information for what is probably the best general news site on the web.

What is the NOCCC? (North Orange County Computer Club)  

NOCCC is the North Orange County Computer Club. It was first organized in 1976. The group meets once a month at Chapman University in Orange, California. The meeting is usually the first Sunday of the month. This can change, so check the web site for the meeting schedule.

April 19, 2001 | PC Magazine - An anniversary event for one of the largest user groups, NOCCC, makes clear what it takes for these groups to survive.

Coming Up At The Next NOCCC Meeting June 5, 2004

Computer Essentials SIG. 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Science 111: Will introduce you to the world of computing. [read more]

New Technology. 9:30am. Irvine Hall: Leader: George Margolin

Understanding Operating Systems. 11:15am. Science 306: - SIG leader: Charlie Moore (

Main Meeting. 1pm. Irvine Hall: Presentation coordinator: George Margolin (

To find out if there is a SIG, Special Interest Group, to match your interests go to the NOCCC web site.

The Mathematical Theory of Communications, 1949, Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver
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