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Recent Searches Made At Windows Assistance August 6, 2001
From time to time (maybe once a month) I will report on what terms visitors to this site are searching for. I should have started doing this much sooner. Like back when I first installed the Atomz search feature.

John S. krill, Windows Assistance

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serial number

The Windows Serial Number is some combination of the Product Key and other information. It can be found at the System Properties pane. Right-click My Computer and select Properties. It will be below the Registered To: information.

partition magic 6

We use Partition Magic 4. Can't come up with a reason to upgrade to version 6. We will say that this is an excellent product no matter which version you have.

cd read only attributes

I'm not sure what this person needed to know but a CD by it's nature is Read-Only. 


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an Internet protocol and is used to move data between systems over the Internet. If you have your own Web site it is an FTP application you will use to move data to and from your web site. Windows Assistance uses the WS_FTP from ipswitch software.


Regedit.exe is a Windows Registry editor supplied with your Windows OS. Always, always, always backup your two registry files before you do anything with regedit.exe. You'll find this utility at Start>>Programs>>Accessories>>Regedit.

remove internet explorer

The easiest way to Remove Internet Explorer is to go to the Web site and download their free utility that will this for you. I have never done this only because I need the basic browser engine to use with FrontPage 2000. I have also come to like IE 5.5. Why? Probably because to many web sites program their pages to work best with Internet Explorer. This doesn't mean IE 5.5 is compliant with browser specifications, only that Web site designers will make their sites work with IE 5.5 at the determent of other better and faster browsers (Opera 5 for one.) 


This is going to be covered this month (August 2001) in the Windows tips.

5 5 right click slow

I think this one is referring to the slow response of a right-click when using Internet Explorer 5.5. They're right. It is slow. It can be speeded up a little bit using TweakUI and under the Mouse tab changing the Mouse speed with the slider bar. 

cannot open network tool in control panel

Whoever has this problem needs to send more detailed information. I have never seen this. Maybe they don't have either a network card or a modem installed. 

ie5 5 sp1

I think this one is referring to Service Pack 1 for Internet Explorer 5.5. I don't know what questions the user may have had but if you e-mail Windows Assistance with your question we will do our best to answer you.

message sound

I'm assuming that this person is using Outlook Express. Could this be the sound you hear when you get a message in your email? This can be enabled / disabled from Tools >>Options >>General tab. Below Send / Receive Messages you can check (enable) or uncheck (disable) Play sound When News Messages Arrive.

You can change the message sound from My Computer >>Control Panel >>Sounds. In the Events list locate New Mail Notification. Now you can change the sound to whatever makes you happy. The sound list is a drop-down list but you can browse to other sound files. When done you can save everything as your own personal sound scheme.

product key

Without it you can't install most software. It is usually on the CD case or the back of the product manual or maybe the warranty card.

3d space cadet patch win 2000


ms00 014
ms98 004

I think this person was looking for the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS00-014. the '00' is the year, 2000, and 014 is the number of the bulletin. If it is not at this site then go to the Microsoft Security Site and locate the bulletin you need. Microsoft has improved this site and it is now much easier to find security bulletins.

Generally if the Security Bulletin is not at Windows Assistance then it didn't apply to the Windows 95/98/ME operating system. 


This is a particularly nasty bug because one of the things it does is block you from visiting anti-viral sites to download tools you'll need to get rid of it. To test our hypothesis, try to visit sites such as symantec or mcafee and see whether your browser crashes. We'll call crashes a positive result. The virus will even crash the browser if you type a word such as "symantec" into a search engine.

Dave Wilson reported his problems with this virus in the August 2, 2001 issue of the Los Angeles Times. He suggested you go to the site
and follow the instructions. This is going to be painful, but you can flush this bug from your system.


DOT and DOC are file extensions for two types of Word for Windows files. DOT files are templates. Templates are used to create DOC files. DOC files are Word for Windows documents. Windows Assistance doesn't get involved with applications such as Word for Windows. If you use Word for Windows then get a good book about this word processing program.

connecting windows 98 to a network

If there is one process Windows does well it is connecting workstations to a network. Ethernet is the most common method to connecting computers. If your Windows workstation is one to two years old you probably have a network card already installed. This is more true if you purchased your computer from business side versus the home computing side one of the larger companies. 

If you are missing an Ethernet card then purchase one online or from a local computer store. Get Ethernet 10/100 with the PCI interface. You shouldn't need to pay more then $35 for a good card.

Once the Ethernet card is physically installed in the computer Windows should install the card's software drivers on the fly when you boot the system.

Now get yourself a Category 5 cable and connect yourself to the network.

If your network uses unique IP addresses then you should consult with your network administrator. Otherwise you should be ready to take advantage of your network resources. Network printers need to be added just as you would a printer at your workstation. Again, consult with your network administrator.

That's it for today. More next time.


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