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Recent Searches Made At Windows Assistance July 12, 2001
From time to time (maybe once a month) I will report on what terms visitors to this site are searching for. I should have started doing this much sooner. Like back when I first installed the Atomz search feature.

Any way here is the first list.

note: 3D Pinball is a favorite search term. I need to do some research on how to get Pinball working in Windows 98 if you had installed it using the Windows 95 Plus! CD. See the July 12, 2001 Tip.

John S. krill, Windows Assistance


Fat32 is Microsoft's upgrade of their File Allocation Table. The last upgrade of Windows 95 (4.00.1212) was the first to support Fat32. The utility to perform the conversion from FAT16 to FAT32 is located at Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> Systems Tools >> Disk Converter (Fat32). You can only go from FAT16 to FAT32 with this utility. If you need to convert a FAT32 partition to a FAT16 partition then you need to get a program like Partition Magic from PowerQuest.

msoo 018

I think this person was looking for the Microsoft Security Bulletin MS00-018. the '00' is the year, 2000, and 018 is the number of the bulletin. If it is not at this site then go to the Microsoft Security Site and locate the bulletin you need. Microsoft has improved this site and it is now much easier to find security bulletins.

com ports

Com Ports are part of the computer's mother board. Generally you have two com[munication] or serial ports. If you need to change any of the properties of the ports you can go to My computer >> Control Panel >> System. Select the Device Manager tab. Com or Serial ports are part of Ports. Get a good book on Windows before going any further.

interrupts and communication ports

Hardware interrupts requests (IRQ) are used by the system to let it know that some piece of hardware needs to be serviced by the Operating System. For instance there may be data waiting to be accepted by the system at one of the Serial ports. There are only 15 interrupts. You can view what hardware is using what Interrupt number by going to My Computer >> Control Panel >> System and select Computer and click on the Properties button. Now you can view: Interrupts request (IRQs), Input/Output Address, Direct Memory Access (DMA), and Memory. Get a good book on Windows before going any further. 

The IRQs used by the Serial Communication ports are 3 and 4. Serial ports 1 and 3 use IRQ 4 and Serial Ports 2 and 4 use IRQ 3.

enlarge temp folder

You can't enlarge the temp folder or any other folder. For my opinion on setting up your temp folder and the Swap file see the Windows ME installion page at this site.

project 2000

Windows Assistance does not have any information on any applications. We only support Windows 98/ME. Isn't that enough?

disable start menu

No can do. Meaning you can't disable the Start Menu. You may be referring to the Startup folder that has programs that you want to start whenever you start Windows. To disable the programs in the Startup folder hold down the shift key as Windows starts up.

restore clippy

I hate Clippy. We also don't support applications. Clippy is suppose to be some kind of Help for Microsoft applications. See Microsoft web site.

enable toolbar
quick launch enable

To enable a Toolbar right-click on the Taskbar. Select Toolbars and then select whatever toolbar you wish to use. Quick Launch is one of the Toolbars. There should be a check mark next to the Toolbar you selected. There are several tips at this site that discuss the Toolbar.

disk thrashing

This happens when you do not have enough System Memory for the number of tasks you are running. Generally if you have only 32MBytes of memory then any programs you run will always be continually swapping data in and out of the Swap File causing Disk Thrashing. This means you are working the disk drive very hard and will probably shorten the life of the drive. To reduce this get more memory. 64MBytes is the absolute minimum memory for Windows 95/98/Me. If you can increase this to 128MByes you will be very happy. Increasing memory is the number one best way to increase performance of your system. Today memory is cheap.

ram disk

Ram Disk is a DOS utility. Ram Disk is a Partition created from System Memory. Windows 98 started using a Ram Disk with the Emergency Startup Disk. When you boot a Windows 98 Emergency Startup Disk it will create a Ram Disk from the System Memory and load several of the DOS utilities to the Ram Disk. Remember when you use a Ram Disk your CD-ROM address will change. Generally if your CD-ROM was the 'D' drive under Windows it will now be the 'E' drive after booting the Emergency Startup Disk.

animate windows

Animate Windows is one of your options under Display Properties. Right-click your mouse on the Desktop and select Properties. Select the Effects tab and check or uncheck Animate windows, menus and lists.

reformatting hard drive

The last thing you ever want to do. It rarely solves any problems just hides them. If you just want to reload a clean version of Windows then delete the Windows directory and re-install Windows. Remember: Once you delete the Windows directory you cannot boot to the Hard Drive. You need to boot from Floppy or CD.

exception handler

Many years ago I use to worry about Exception Handlers. Not any more. There are hardware and software exception handlers. That's about all I want to remember.

frontpage 98

The program Windows Assistance uses to maintain this site. Actually we use Windows FrontPage 2000.

That's it for today. More next time.