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North Orange County Computer Club
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North Orange County Club, NOCCC, meets monthly, generally on the first Sunday of the month. For directions to the meetings and what we have to offer go to the NOCCC web site.

The primary purpose of the Windows 9X SIG is to answer questions you have about Windows 9X (Windows 95 and Windows 98.) They can be: problems (software and hardware,) software suggestions (utilities, applications, etc.,) and how-to requests. Or you can just visit and learn about Windows 9X by being there. The meeting is held in Science 111 from 9am to 11am. You can show up and leave at anytime.

Note: Bring a 3.5", 1.4MB floppy. I generally have Zipped files full of information.

Windows 9X SIG Reports

Additional Articles

Security Bulletins

Also, download and install Microsoft's free core fonts for the Web (Windows and Macintosh) Install these high quality TrueType fonts, and whenever you visit a Web site that specifies them, your browser will display type exactly as the site designer intended.

Windows 9X SIG Reports

March 1999

Quick Launch
System Tray
Windows 9X SIG on the Web

November 1998

Volune Control
US Robotics Internal WinModems
How To Determine What Your Modems Top Speed
VCM is the Devil in Windows 98

October 1998

Midnight in the Date of Windows 98
Windows 98 Update Procedures
Windows 98 Help
When A Peripheral’s Software Driver Is NOT
A Good Starting Point For Getting Y2K Information

September 1998

Windows 98 Updates
e-mail Security Breach
Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS98-008)
Additional Security Updates From Microsoft
Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS98-011)
Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS98-012)
Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS98-013)
Internet Explorer 4
Windows 98
Internet Explorer 3 Users

August 1998

All About Windows 98
Microsoft’s Own Tips
The Startup Disk
Memory Retraction
The Year 2000 Glitch
PC Magazine Y2K site
c|net Y2K site

July 1998

Books About Windows 98
Windows 98 System Information
Dr Watson - Improved
Windows 98 Maintenance Wizard

June 1998

Saving the Registry 
Exporting the Registry from regedit.exe 
Using regedit.exe from the DOS prompt 
Emergency Boot Disk 
Installing the Configuration Backup Utility 
Using the Configuration Backup Utility 
Password Not! 
If You Ask Me To Enter A Password One More Time
If You Ask Me To Enter A Password One More Time
How Do I Organize My Start Menu
How To Stop Programs From Automatically Starting
One Last Item - Color Schemes

May 1998

Should I Upgrade To Windows 98?

January 1998

Emergency Boot Disk?
Export the Registry from regedit.exe
Using regedit.exe from the DOS prompt
Windows 95 Tips

December 1997

What Is Enough Memory?
Windows 95 Memory Management
Disk Thrashing
System Monitor
Windows Tips

Additional Articles

Book Review: MSCD Designing & Implementing Web Sites Using Microsoft FrontPage 98

Web Sites For Windows 9X Users 05/10/00

Shame On You Micron Computers

Choosing The Browser Of YOUR Choice

What do I Change?
Editing Registered File Types

Windows 9X Web Sites

Good Web Sites For Windows 9X
Windows95 Annoyances
Good Web Sites for Motherboard Information
Motherboard Information
Motherboard HomeWorld
Intel Secrets Monthly Edition
Good Site For Pricing Hardware and Software

Microsoft: Give Me Back My Computer!

Microsoft Outlook 98 - a review