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Windows 9X Special Interest Group

  Windows 9X Web Sites

by John S. Krill

Good Web Sites For Windows 9X

Microsoft: First lets get Microsoft out of way. There is nothing wrong with Microsoft’s Web site as far as it goes. They will (almost) never admit an error. But this the place to go to for Windows update. There’s utilities to download, information database to explore, and those updates to download and install.

Windows95 Annoyances: Want to learn how to use Windows 95. Tricks on how to fine tune, and modify Windows 95. Information on how Windows 95 really works. What’s wrong with Windows 95. This is a good site for both advanced and beginning users. I make it a point to explore this site a least once a month. They also have a site for Windows 98. This site has been renamed. It was originally called This site has all types of software for all versions of windows (95, 98, NT.) they sell a shareware CDROM, but they also have Tips & Tricks, How To Articles, Windows Drivers, and just about any type of software for Windows 95/98/NT. Finding what you want can sometimes be difficult but there is a search engine.

Good Web Sites for Motherboard Information

One of the problems with an operating system is you need a good knowledge of the hardware that works with the OS. One of the major hurdles is getting information on PC motherboards and Intel. For Intel you can go to the Intel site but if you don’t know the part number of the document you require then good-luck.

Motherboard HomeWorld: There is a lot here: manufacture info, vendors, chips, chipset info, how to build a PC, etc. Good site for beginning and advanced users. Does a good job of putting information in laymen’s terms. From this site you will be linked to sites with more detailed information (if needed) on the subject at hand.

Intel Secrets Monthly Edition: Another site for manuals, data sheets, and other info on Intel products. This site tells you the things Intel doesn’t want you to know. Take a look at the Intel Art Of The Month. This site appears to be for advanced users but it is fun anyway.

Good Site For Pricing Hardware and Software

Price Watch: This is an excellent site for price comparisons. It is easy to use and it’s fast. You not only get pricing but where it can be purchased. Also you will find all the manufactures of the product you are pricing. Do a search on an item within a certain price range and get back a list of all the items available, their price, and where to purchase. Before buying check here first.