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Power Your Pages December 7, 2000

by David Allen Russell

You might have never looked at this program on your computer because it was originally designed for slide shows at business presentations, but some smart entrepreneurs have figured out how to stick a V8 motor in this Honda Civic, and are using it to create very dramatic and professional looking web pages. You can do that too.

Most PC users probably don't even know it's there, but if you are using Windows 95 or better, it is probably there hiding in your programs. To find it just click on Start, then go to the very top and see if New Office Document is there. If you have it, click on it. Wow! Up jumps a big file of options. 

Lets rev up the motor and go racing. Click on the tab that says General, then select Blank Presentation. Now go to the top left of your window and double click click on File. From the drop down window list that will appear, click on Page Setup. You will get a page of options of pages. Select Blank page. Now move your powerful hand up and click on insert, then scroll down to Text box. Click it open but don't try to make it bigger or it will disappear. Just put your cursor inside the box and start typing. It will expand as you type to any size you like. Once you have what you want in it, go back up and click on Insert again. Use the text box again to put as many items as you want on the page, and move them around to suit your own sense of balance and form. Go to Insert as many times as you wish and put in photos, graphics, or whatever you wish. 

All of the tools are available to you select type size, color or graphics at this time, and if you want to you will be able to use the PowerPoint tools as well. Color, draw, distort, or alter any and all of the items that you have put on the page. Options for background are also available by just going to Format, then selecting Background. This will give you many choices to color or even select photos or drawings. When you have finished with your page you can print it on any printer. Then, to save all the hard work you have done, click on File, then Save As. When the window comes up type in where you want it to go on the top line. Now you get to name it whatever you want to call it. Type that in on the bottom line, and be sure to add .ppt as the extension. Now click save Save and the deed is done. 

If you wish to save it in more than one place, (perhaps in a file and on a floppy as well) click on File again, then Save As again, and select another destination. You might be so proud of yourself at this point that you will even want to share your good work with someone else. So, if you want to you can send it e-mail to anyone you like show off. Just put the page up on your screen, click on Edit, Select All, then Edit again, then Copy. Now you can close this document, and go on line. Open your e-mail program, then type in the address where you want to send it; and don't forget to type in what you want to call it on the Subject line. Then put your cursor where you normally write your message. Click there, then click on Edit at the tope of the page. Then click Paste. Your document will appear in tact in the message portion of you e-mail letter, and then you click on Send.

Your Power Point pages will arrive at your friends e-mail with all the color and graphics in place. You will be so cool in their eyes that they will want you to tell them how you did it? Just smile and say "It's a secret."

I've placed some examples on my web pages out there that you can view.

Hope you enjoy this new found power.

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