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Oh No! You Moved Again


by John S. Krill April 16, 2001

where We Moved To

Our new absolute address is: Our URL (Universal Resource Locator) is

Tripod is another free hosting service. Yep, you still get ads. Tripods service is not as complete as Yahoo!Geocities but they offer FrontPage support and it works. You will also notice that they offer a sub-domain address. You could also get to Windows Assistance by using

Oh No! You Moved Agina.They also offer 50MBytes of web space. This wasn't a priority since I only use 3.8MBytes at this time. Yahoo!Geocities basic web space was 15MBytes.

The one service that Yahoo!Geocities offered that really made it hard to leave them was Site Statistics. You could get hit information for every page at your site. You can view daily/weekly/monthly hits for every page. You can also get limited information on where your visitors came from. I will miss this kind of detailed information. Tripod only gives you the hits for the previous day. No detailed information what-so-ever. may 1, 2001: Tripod no longer gives you any traffic information. I have signed-up with hitometer and they email daily, weekly, and monthly counts for the homepage or index.html page for this site.

So with reluctance I have moved to Tripod. Why? FrontPage. As I explained in my previous article about moving to Yahoo!Geocities I use FrontPage to maintain this site. The big advantage is the components you have available such as forms. Yahoo!Geocities has mismanaged their FrontPage support and they have not responded to mine or any other pleas for answers.

I have had the Tripod site up since early March 2001 and have maintained both the Yahoo!Geocities and the Tripod sites since then. I had hoped that Yahoo!Geocities would get their act together and fix the problems with FrontPage and if they did I would probably drop the Tripod site. This hasn't happened.

the FrontPage Problems Explained - Kinda

FrontPage has two important features. One: it allows you to automatically upload pages to your site. Now you don't have worry about what you have modified or added. FrontPage will make the required changes for you. The second advantage is with special components that are designed to reduce the labor required to create a site. The most useful component is form creation. The message form page is done using a FrontPage component and the confirmation page you see after you submit the form is made available through the forms component.

The menu you have on each page is an include component. This component allows you to insert html pages within html pages. This allows the Web designer to create one menu page that is use by all pages. This means only one page needs to be modified and all pages that use it will see the change. On the Windows Assistance web all pages except the home page use an include menu.

When I first moved to Yahoo!Geocities late last year everything worked fine. Then sometime in January 2001 Yahoo!Geocities made some changes. Only problem is that they didn't tell anyone. Next thing I know I can't automatically upload the site using FrontPage. This went on for a couple of weeks before I searched through Yahoo!Geocities help pages and noticed that the instructions for uploading via FrontPage had been changed.

Here's what happened. Previously you used address to upload this site. This had been changed to Different sub-domain. No problem. Just change the address and continue. Yes problem. Because of the changed address I had to upload the entire site before FrontPage was happy. I have two other sites at Yahoo!Geocities and I had to do the same with them. Also the change of sub-domain worked fine if you had a new site. If you had an existing site the upload wouldn't work. Finally Yahoo!Geocities fixed this problem. I don't know how long it took them because I was using FTP to upload the site. They never informed anyone of the problem and never told us when it was fixed. Occasionally I would test the upload using FrontPage and one day like magic it was working!

Everything working just fine? No. We could upload the site with FrontPage but the forms component wouldn't work. Some of you experienced this. The only way I found out about this problem was because one of good visitors informed me. Yahoo!Geocities finally put up a message that for forms to work you had to use the fp sub-domain and not the www sub-domain. So now I had to hardwire the into the menu. Once you were in the fp sub-domain you were there forever until you were sent directly to the www sub-domain. Not a problem. Really. One advantage to the fp sub-domain was no ads. It actually took Yahoo!Geocities over a month to figure that out! And all of us were talking about this on the Yahoo!Geocities message boards. Finally they caught on and denied access to the fp sub-domain except for FrontPage components. This means that once you are sent to the fp sub-domain and use a form then any page you move to will get you an access denied message. And that's why I'm at Tripod now.

will We Move Again?

I hope this is the last move to a free hosting service. The next move should be to a for-fee hosting service. With this type of service I will be able to address directly. The only requirement will be FrontPage support. Another advantage to a for-fee hosting service is e-mail. I will no longer need to use may 1, 2001:  You may have noticed that the e-mail address for this site has changed to In short, e-mail sent to any mail box at will be forwarded to This e-mail address is from and it is free. The only problem is that is now owned by Net2Phone Email, Inc or EasyLink Services Corporation and the reliability has gone down. Go to the corporate page for and see if you can figure out who owns this business.

always Use

If you create a bookmark with then you will not have to worry about where the site is located. It will always get you to the site no matter where it is.

Now let us get back to the business of supporting Windows.