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by John Krill, Editor - Windows Assistance November 5, 2001

Boycott XPWho Needs XP?

Very few users. How much of an operating system do you need to run Quicken? How about your internet browser? Maybe your word processor? They probably all operate just fine with your current operating system. So who really need Windows XP? The answer is Microsoft. This is one upgrade Microsoft needs very badly. Why? DotNet is the answer. Or .Net in Microsoft parlance. Is .Net a mystery to you? That's just the way Microsoft wants it. If you really knew how important Windows XP is to Microsoft, and to .Net, then you could call the shots and not the other way around.

Before I go any farther maybe you should read about .Net and what it is and how important Windows XP is to Microsoft plans. CNet recently did a series of articles on Microsoft, .Net and Windows XP. Read The Gatekeeper Day 1 and 2. It will give you a good overview of .Net and Windows XP's role in making .Net a success.

One quote from the article tells all: "... Microsoft.Net is a mammoth effort that begins with Windows XP and branches out to nearly all of Microsoft's products, services, Web sites and development efforts. ..." (Cnet, The Gatekeeper, Day 2)

"... begins with Windows XP..." I think that said it all.

Part of the .Net effort is Microsoft's own .Net My Services. Microsoft plans to offer various services through .Net My Services "... including online calendaring, contact-list management, document and image storage, credit card information, and personal identification data--all accessible from any conceivable digital device, anywhere on the planet. ..." (Cnet, The Gatekeeper, Day 2)

And this from the New York Times: "Windows XP and MSN are delivery vehicles for technology that is crucial to the company's .Net Web services. Windows XP is engineered to work well with two of the essential software technologies for Web services: XML, for Extensible Markup Language, and SOAP, for Simple Object Access Protocol." (New York Times, Microsoft's New Operating System Is the First Part of Expanded Internet Services, October 22, 2001)

How To Jump Start .Net My Services

Microsoft is trying to get into the service arena - again. .Net My Services is their platform. Your primary platform, but not the only platform, for using and paying for these services is Windows XP. .Net My Services will not be available until early next year and Microsoft needs for millions of users to make the change to Windows XP before the release of .Net My Services so they can sign on business to this service. No user base no business. It's that simple. Microsoft needs you. You are the linchpin for the success of .Net My Services.

What this means is that Microsoft wants you to spend anywhere from $99 to $299 for the privilege of spending additional money for .Net My Services.

Folks - there's Billions at risk here and Microsoft wants those Billions.

Just Give It Away

So what happens if Windows XP is a failure in the market place. Microsoft has only one option. Give it away. Maybe not $0.00 but more like $25.00. That will cover their costs and maybe a profit. It's free so no worries of illegal copies. No Product Activation (for Windows XP anyway.) Make all the copies you want. The more copies of Windows XP the more customers for .Net My Services. Eliminate the four versions of Windows XP for the desktop. Give away just one version - Professional. You want service - Microsoft will offer you a service contract. You need a manual - buy one.

It's up to you. Hold out on your purchase of Windows XP and force Microsoft to give it away. Remember you don't need this OS. But Microsoft needs for you to have this OS. So let them give it to us.

And What About The Feds?

Simple. Linux is free. Many versions of Unix are free. So why not Windows XP?

Yes You Can

Microsoft's sales motto for Windows XP is Yes You Can. I just love the irony of this. Yes you can force Microsoft to give you Windows XP for free. Yes You Can!

Boycott XP: A Website dedicated to stopping Microsoft's intrusion into your life!