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Keeping Your OS Up-To-Date

What Is The Current Version Of Your Windows OS?

Check which version of Windows 9x you have by right-clicking on My Computer, choosing Properties and checking under the General tab's System section.

The original version of Windows 95 is 4.00.950. When the letter A follows, it indicates that Service Pack 1 or OEM Service Release 1 (SR1) was installed; the letter B indicates Win95 OEM Service Release 2.0 (SR2) or 2.1 (SR2.1); the letter C indicates OEM Service Release 2.5.

note: The OEM Service Release for Windows 95 were not released as separate Service Packs for the general public.

You can also get the Windows version number by typing ver at a DOS prompt. You'll see 4.00.950 if you have the original release of Win95, 4.00.1111 if it's SR2 or 4.00.1212 (or higher) if you have an update to SR2, such as SR2.1.

Windows 98 shows 4.10.1998 on both System Properties and at the DOS prompt.

How to Update Your Windows OS

Microsoft has had an Update Center at their web site for you to either automatically or manually update your OS since Windows 95. This is primary start page for the Windows family of products. 

Window 95 Users

You must manually download all updates for Windows 95

Windows 98 Users

With Windows 98 you have the ability to either automatically or manually download updates including the Service Pack for Windows 98. Windows 98SE already has the Service Pack installed. 

Windows Me Users

This is the download page for Windows ME. 

Windows 2000 Professional

The Windows 2000 Professional Home Page

The download page also includes Service Pack 1 information.

Microsoft Security Bulletins

Microsoft has revamped the home page for security updates and now list all bulletins and has a search engine. It is now much easier to find the updates for your OS and other Microsoft software. Don't forget Internet Explorer.