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Save It! I'll Read It Later  

by John Krill, Editor

Internet Explorer will save everything when you select Save As...
Opera will save everything when you select Save with images as...

I'm a news junky. The Web has been a blessing and a curse. I can now go to just about any newspapers Web site and get all the news. The problem is I prefer to download the web pages with all it's images for later reading at my leisure. 

For the longest time I used Netscape Navigator to load a page into the Netscape Composer and then save the page (FrontPage Express never saved a page so that I could view it as it was originally designed.) This works OK until Composer crashes and takes Navigator with it.

Next came Opera 5. With Opera you can save a page with all the page images using the File >> Save with images as command. This works OK but the html and images are saved into the same directory. Since I tend to save a lot of pages this directory can get very large very quickly. This slows down the entire process. I also delete some but not all pages at different times. It's easy to delete the HTML pages but how do you determine what graphics go with what pages?

The solution is Internet Explorer (I use IE 5.5.) As much as I hate to admit it I now use Internet Explorer to save HTML pages. The reason for this change is in how IE saves HTML pages. When IE saves the page it creates a sub-directory using the same name as the HTML file and puts all the images into this sub-directory. Now when I need to delete pages I can easily delete the images as well by deleting the sub-directory of the same name. Another advantage to using IE is that IE uses the title of the HTML page as the default file name of the HTML page and sub-directory. This is usually easier to understand than the original file name of the HTML page. Opera uses the file name as the default name of the HTML page.