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Advanced Search Stupid Trick! September 5, 2002

For some of you that use Internet Explorer you will get's Password request [figure 1]. I have no idea why and neither does

The quick fix is to hit the ESC key every time the password dialog shows up. Which is for every page.

Anonymous Logon

A better solution to this nuisance dialog box is to go to Internet Explorer's Internet Options Security Settings [from menu bar select Tools >> Internet Options...] then select the Security Tab and click Custom Level. From here scroll down to the bottom to User Authentication >> Logon and select Anonymous logon [figure 2]. Click OK and when it ask if you really want to change your security setting click Yes and then OK.


figure 1 The quick fix is just to press the ESC key. But you will need to do this for EVERY page.

figure 2 To elimenate the Password request go to Internet Explorer's Custom Security Settings and select Anonymous Logon.