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Windows Magazine Updated: June 11, 2001

Since the ending of Windows Magazine a lot of good articles have been lost in space. I have discovered, thanks to Fred Langa, that most of the articles can be found at the new URL. In short you replace with Sorry there is no front page for Windows Magazine. You have to know the old address for each article and then substitute the new URL for the old one.

Windows Me Tips and Tricks for Window Me. 

March 12, 2001 | Windows Magazine - Long-Term wrap-up of Windows Me. Despite some improvements, WinMe just not worth the trouble.

March 6, 2001 | Windows Magazine - 10 ways to make Windows Me run better. Ranging from the simple to the extreme, here's what you can do to unleash Win Me's hidden power. By Fred Langa

January 30, 2001 | WinMag - The updated Explorer article on System Setup Secrets.

September 11, 2000 | - Learn how to correct some of WinMe's improvements.

August 8, 2000 | Karen Kenworthy, columnist at, has written a great little utility that will tell you how much disk space on your hard drive is occupied but empty. To understand what I'm referring to go to her column and then download the utility.

July 18, 2000 | - Fred Langa's series on curing your Windows 98 resource leaks. Part one, two, three, and four.