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e-mail Newsletter for Windows 98 Users

By John S. Krill NOCCC

About This List

This is not a definitive list. You may have your own favorites. Good. Let me know so I can include them. I have included security sites. They may not be Windows 98 specific but all of us should be security aware.

Some of the e-newsletters descriptions I have taken directly from their Web sites. I encourage you to try each of the e-mail newsletters and make your own decision on itís importance to you.

This list will be posted at my Windows Assistance site at:


Letsí get the big kahuna out of the way. Whatever you sign-up for you need to register first. So for a beginning go to and get a username and password. This information will be needed to do just about anything at

You need to visit three locations to sign up for e-newsletters. The first is is for general purpose newsletters. For security issues travel to and you can also go to the TechNet area and sign up for TechNet Flash bulletins at



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